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Rail Care Kit

Cleaning and Maintaining

Rail Care Kit

Cleaning and Maintaining

The Rail Care Kit includes everything needed to keep your stainless railing system clean and protected. It contains a spray bottle of passivating fluid, a microfiber polishing cloth, a cup of metal polish and a bottle of car wash soap. Clean the metal with the car wash soap when it’s dirty and use the metal polish to provide a protective layer. If the metal surface scratches, use the passivating fluid to neutralize any possible contamination of the stainless surface.


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  • “Now that the railing is completed, it has greatly exceeded our expectations and gives an outstanding presence to our pool area.  The safety factor is just a side benefit from the aesthetic value we have received.”

  • “I live in an extreme environment and nothing holds up as well as your product!”

  • “The owner loves the railing system and his designer was extremely pleased with the visual appearance.”

  • “It does not block the view at all.”

  • “Very Modern and view friendly.”

  • “The contractors had no trouble with installation.” 

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